Kirk Elliot PHD Review

Kirk Elliot PHD Review

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Kirk Elliott PHD is a consulting company that is run mainly by Kirk Elliott and his team. Kirk Elliott believes that it's important for people to use precious metals as a way of protecting against economic crisis. He is an economist who has predicted many things about the future, some of which are somewhat dire.

But what exactly does this consulting service offer? What should you know before you get started? Are there other companies that have the same types of offerings?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Kirk Elliott
  • Rating: 3.0/5

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About Kirk Elliott PHD

Kirk Elliot PHD Review

Kirk Elliott PHD brands itself as a consulting firm, run by Kirk Elliott himself and his team of experts. The company partners with clients to help them make sure that their investments reflect the future that they want. They learn about every individual client and make product recommendations based on that client's specific needs, worries, and goals.

According to the website, the company believes that people are more important than profit. Every customer is treated as an individual with an individual solution. The company's representatives will not try to sell you things that you don't need. They truly just want to connect you to things that will help you with your portfolio.

The theory is that by focusing on people, they are able to foster lifetime relationships with their clients. They are also able to grow through word of mouth and referrals. There's no need to resort to underhanded sales tactics and legal jargon to turn a profit. The profit comes when people invest and then continue working with the firm for a lifetime.

The Kirk Elliott PHD consulting agency is only licensed to practice in a certain number of states. Comparatively, there are many gold IRA dealers that serve people in all 50 states. You'll need to check and make sure that your state is eligible before partaking of the services. Licensed states are all in the south, including Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Alabama, New Mexico, Missouri, Virginia, and Georgia.

Financial Advice

Kirk Elliot PHD Review

The team at this company functions as a group of financial advisors. As such, they do need special licensing to operate, more than basic gold dealers do. But they also need to complete a rigorous amount of education, so they have more insights on the global economy and financial planning than the average person.

Many financial advisors take a big picture look at every single aspect of your finances. They talk about the different assets that you can invest in for growth, how to plan for your retirement, how to put away savings for the future, and how to protect yourself. But Kirk Elliott PHD has a much narrower focus, chiefly working with gold and silver.

Clients can receive financial advice regarding when to buy, hold onto, and liquidate their precious metals. This advice is invaluable if you're trying to turn a profit or minimize your spread. The company helps people with gold IRAs and with cash purchases for non-retirement investments.

Kirk Elliott himself has written a great number of books, college curriculums, articles, and larger media projects that focus on personal finances, economic policy, global economic events, culture, and politics.

Unique Team Aspects

Kirk Elliot PHD Review

The consulting team also works in philanthropy, having worked with multiple organizations that help the less fortunate. They have even created some charities and nonprofit organizations themselves. Kirk Elliott is part of the board of multiple nonprofits. He works within his community to help with financial literacy and independence. He is also the chairman of a foundation that exists to free trafficked humans.

In keeping with the financial advice, the company's team works as coaches for high profile people like politicians, CEOs, and high net worth investors. They offer guidance on how to invest with minimal risk while also creating a high potential for returns. The company stays away from extremely risky investments that have the potential for explosive growth, as they want a balanced portfolio that is stable and lasting.

Kirk Elliott is an entrepreneur who created his own consulting firm. His team of experts have the innovative spirits of entrepreneurs. Every project is handled as though it's the most important one ever worked on. Every client is given the team's full attention while figuring out a plan.

The team of experts is also able to provide analytics and research data. More and more these days, the global economy has a direct impact on your wallet. Whether it's your retirement holdings or your grocery bill, we can see how vast economic ripples affect every individual. So the team will give you advice on whether current events are likely to affect your future, as well as what you can do to prepare for a potential worst case scenario.

These people are trained experts in analyzing global economic trends. They understand how different factors influence industries, currencies, inflation, supply chains, and global markets. They will be able to explain exactly what implications the latest happenings have for you personally, and then to give advice.


Kirk Elliot PHD Review

So you know that the company offers financial advice based around precious metals. But what exactly does that mean?

It means that they will help individuals with their investments, both with cash savings and with an IRA. If you have them advise you on your portfolio, you will get access to the following benefits:

  • They will restructure your portfolio with a clear plan for the future.
  • They will use precious metals to help grow your assets without the risk posed by the stock markets.
  • They will have a lifetime relationship with you, in which they'll give ongoing guidance and help adjust your portfolio.

But Kirk Elliott PHD doesn't only work with individual investors. They also work with a whole host of other entities like nonprofits, corporations, and educational institutions.

Here are some other services that clients might use.

Non-Profit Consulting

Non-profits are notoriously difficult to run, and they require endless documentation. When the economy is in trouble, nonprofits are the first to close their doors. People simply don't have the money to give to charity.

The Kirk Elliott team offers nonprofit consulting sessions in which they will go over your revenue streams, help you maximize your income, and help you manage your assets proactively until the economy stabilizes.

Media Production

The team can create compelling media for clients such as documentaries, news programs, commercials, and corporate presentations. They can also help clients with branding and messaging for their new companies.

Similarly, they can provide analytics for the financial reporting side of things. This includes visual data and presentations that show you exactly how your business is running, where it could be more efficient, and what you need to do next.

Is Kirk Elliott PHD a Scam?

Kirk Elliott PHD is not a scam. The company is licensed to practice in several states, and Kirk Elliott is a trained financial advisor. He is able to provide all of the services that he claims to. On Facebook, many of his colleagues say that he's revolutionized the lecture circuit and helped with community financial literacy.

Pros & Cons of Kirk Elliot PHD


  • Financial advice centered on gold and silver.
  • Services include nonprofit and business consulting.
  • Highly qualified experts who have created presentations and documentaries on a whole host of different topics.


  • Not much information available about their specific gold IRA services.
  • Only licensed to practice in a handful of Southern states.

Final Thoughts

Kirk Elliott PHD is an interesting consulting firm, because they provide financial advice that focuses on precious metals. They've worked not just with individual investors, but also with nonprofits and businesses that are just starting out.

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