EITI Compliant

The Publish What You Pay coalition in Chad was formed in October 2004. It focuses not only on monitoring transparency in public funds and oil revenues, but also on tracking the government’s budget and has set up regional Budget Monitoring Committees to do so.

In its early days, the coalition worked on monitoring the social and environmental impacts of the extractive industries’ activities on Chad’s citizens. It instigated the country’s membership of the EITI in May 2010 and is actively involved in implementing it.

The major challenge for the coalition, in addition to budget monitoring, is transparent management of oil revenues to help fund development projects to combat poverty.

Key Facts

  • Key resources: oil, uranium, gold, limestone.
  • Oil accounted for one third of GDP at the beginning of 2014 and provided 70% of tax revenue.
  • The economy is expected to grow by 11.2% in 2014, mostly due to new oil fields being brought into production.
  • Companies operating in Chad include Chevron, China National Petroleum Corporation and the Canadian firm Griffiths.
  • African Economic Outlook, World Bank, US Department of State

Key Contacts


  • Association des Editeurs de Presse du Tchad
  • Association pour le Développement Intégral du Canton Miandoum
  • Association des Droits de l'Homme
  • Action des Partenaires et Association pour le Développement
  • Cadre de concertation et de Développement du Logone Orientale
  • Cellule de Liaison et d’Information des Associations féminines
  • Collectif des Associations de Droit de l’Homme
  • Comité de Réseau des Organisations de la Société Civile en Appui à la Population du Mayo Kebby
  • Commission Nationale Justice et Paix
  • Commission Permanente Pétrole N’Djaména
  • Commission Permanente Pétrole Locale
  • Groupe de Recherches et Alternatives et de Monitoring du Project Petrole Tchad-Cameroun
  • Maison de la presse du Tchad
  • Réseau de Suivi des Activités Pétrolières au Moyen Chari
  • Union des Journalistes du Tchad