Latin American Network on the Extractive Industries

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The Latin American Network on the Extractive Industries (RLIE in Spanish) was formed in 2009, based on concerns by Latin American civil society organisations about the impact of mining and oil extraction in region. Based on this common interest, the coalition’s objective is to ensure a continuous space for Latin American civil society to meet and work together. This is in order to implement actions to influence public policies on extractive industries, with an emphasis on transparency, participation, guaranteeing human rights and protecting the environment. The network is currently made up of 13 organisations from eight countries in the region. (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru). The coalition joined Publish What You Pay in 2014 and is represents the region on the PWYP Global Steering Committee.

Key Facts

  • Extractive interest in the region grew with the commodities boom and several countries, including China and Germany, are looking to Latin America for their raw materials.
  • Mexico, Brazil and Colombia are in the world’s top 20 oil producing countries.
  • Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Guatemala are in the world’s top 20 silver producers.
  • Ecuador is the smallest oil-producer of OPEC.
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