EITI Compliant

The PWYP Coalition in Mongolia was launched in 2006. The coalition has focused its efforts on the effective implementation of EITI but also works on legislative processes around the natural resource framework and with communities at the subnational level. The coalition has led campaigns to ensure transparency at all stages of mining production and increase public engagement and debate on natural resource issues.

The coalition is also currently campaigning for the adoption of an EITI law and a new Mineral Law.

Key Facts

  • Key resources: include coal, copper, silver, iron, phosphates, gold, uranium, and petroleum.
  • Mining is rapidly increasing in Mongolia and makes up 20% of GDP, double what it was ten years ago.
  • Mongolia is home to one of the largest copper-gold mines in the world, Oyu Tolgoi. Experts reckon that once the mine is at full production, it will generate a third of the country’s GDP.
  • Companies operating in Mongolia include AREVA, Centerra and Rio Tinto.
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Key Contacts