EITI Candidate

In 2009 “EnergyTransparency” Association was launched to unite the efforts of Ukrainian NGOs working on transparency and accountability in the extractive industries. In January 2014, the association became a PWYP affiliated coalition. Members, particularly those in eastern Ukraine, are having a difficult time operating because of the crisis. Nevertheless, the coalition has been working on addressing the legal obstacles currently preventing a full and effective implementation of EITI. The coalition has also been engaging with the government on the introduction of a mandatory disclosure law that would oblige extractive companies to publish what they pay. They also work to inform communities living by extractive sites of the impacts and benefits of the project.

Key Facts

  • Ukraine is one of the world’s biggest natural gas transit countries, the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS) provides gas to 18 European countries - among them Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, France and Greece.
  • As well as being a major coal producer, Ukraine produces other minerals, such as uranium, manganese and iron ore.
  • In 2011, mining activities accounted for approximately seven per cent of the GDP and 47 per cent of exports.
  • EITI, JSC Nafrogaz, UA Energy, US EIA

Key Contacts


  • Analytical Center of Regional Cooperation
  • Centre for Assistance to the Geopolitical
  • Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI
  • Dixi Group
  • Kyiv International Energy Club “Q-Club”
  • Institute of Sustainable development
  • Problems and Euroatlantic Cooperation of the Black Sea Region Studies Nomos
  • Public Control
  • School of Political Analysis