Noble Gold Review

Noble Gold Review

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Noble Gold is a popular industry leader when it comes to precious metals investments. Precious metals IRAs are a way to secure some of your retirement funds in these tangible assets. But getting started with one can be complicated.

How does Noble Gold compare to competing gold IRA companies? What can you expect from their services, and are they actually legitimate? What do past customers have to say?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Collin Plume
  • Rating: 5.0/5

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About Noble Gold

Noble Gold Review

Noble Gold is a precious metals dealer that sells investment grade bullion to people all over the United States. They say that their goal is to help clients preserve their wealth by investing in precious metals. The company helps connect clients to safe, reasonably priced precious metals investments.

A major part of the company's setup is education. Every client is given access to educational resources, so they can learn more about precious metals. For clients who don't have the time to read, there are representatives who can answer all of your questions. So you get to choose how hands-on or hands-off your client education experience is.

Noble Gold operates out of headquarters in Pasadena, California. Though it has only been in the industry for about six years, it uses over 20 years of experience from its founders. Everybody with the company firmly believes in the importance of precious metals as the future.

When you go to the Noble Gold website, you can get a free investment kit. This has basic information about precious metals, the economy, your retirement, and how different precious metals products work. You can also fill out the starting paperwork to open an IRA within about five minutes.

Noble Gold has been positively reviewed by past customers, so they do seem to adhere to these policies.

Company Founder

Noble Gold Review

Noble Gold was founded by Collin Plume, a man who still serves as the CEO.

Prior to working in the precious metals industry, his main area of expertise was in selling homes. But then he worked for the company Regal Assets as a precious metals IRA advisor for six years before opening Noble Gold.

In addition to his work with Noble Gold, Collin Plume has worked as the CEO of the company My Digital Money since 2021.

Collin Plume has over 13,000 followers on Linkedin. People follow him specifically because of his insights into the precious metals industry. He has written articles and given interviews about the importance of investing in precious metals like gold.

He believes that the most important thing is not to convince people to buy Noble Gold's products. Instead, the most important thing is to educate people about why they need precious metals. If those people come to Noble Gold because they trust in the company's integrity, then that's a bonus.

Clients with Noble Gold are personally guided by the company's experts. These people will give pointers on the benefits and drawbacks of different precious metals products. They may also help you to develop a long term investment plan, as well as work with financial professionals like investment advisors.

Company Advantages

Noble Gold Review

There are several advantages to working with Noble Gold above some of the competitors. While the top competition may share some of these qualities, it's rare for them to do so with the same minimum investment threshold.

When you work with Noble Gold, your experts will be available at all times. If you have questions, you can get them answered quickly and easily. If your personal representative isn't available when you call, they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The company streamlines the whole process of signing up for an IRA. They also guide you easily through the process of purchasing precious metals with cash.

If you're opening an IRA, there is a minimum investment threshold of $5,000. While that may sound steep, it's actually much lower than what you get with a lot of the competitors. Many of them have minimum investments of $25,000 or even $50,000! So if you're trying to open a gold IRA on a budget, Noble Gold is a good pick.

If you're making a cash purchase, the minimum investment is even lower. You just need to spend at least $2,000. While there are a lot of dealers with no minimum for cash purchases, this minimum helps you to be sure that you're getting the best deal on investment grade products.

It doesn't matter whether you're a complete beginner or an old expert. The people at the company will help you through the process. They won't condescend to you, and they won't confuse you or use underhanded sales tactics. Multiple past customers have left reviews stating that they had never invested in precious metals before, and Noble Gold still left them feeling completely at ease.

IRA Services

Noble Gold Review

Noble Gold has IRA services available for people who want to diversify their precious metals investments. As mentioned, the company has received positive reviews from past clients, so they do seem to offer everything that they say they do.

One of the big advantages of Noble Gold's process is how simple it is. Their website has very clear instructions for how to fill out the application. Even if you don't use the investment toolkit or any of the educational resources, it's simple to fill out the application and sign up.

Filling out the initial form only takes about five minutes. Within 24 hours, you should be contacted by a representative and finish creating your account. Within 48 hours, the process of transferring over your retirement funds should be complete. At that point, you can make a purchase of precious metals.

This is one of the fastest time frames in the industry. Most other companies make you wait at least a week, with some making you wait anywhere from two to four weeks.

Once you decide on the precious metals that you want to buy, you'll set up a storage account. This account will be maintained by your custodian. It is necessary to use a storage depository for IRA metals, as they aren't allowed to be stored in your home. You'll have several different vault options with different locations in the US, so you can choose whichever one best suits your needs.

Survival Packs

Noble Gold Review

When it comes to precious metals investment, Noble Gold's Survival Packs are one of the most interesting products available. These are designed to serve a specific purpose. If you want to have precious metals at home to liquidate in case of an emergency, the Survival Pack has everything.

Instead of choosing certain precious metals, you'll decide on an investment tier. Then you'll be sent a pack with metals hand picked to meet that investment threshold. All of the involved metals will be recognizable and easy to liquidate.

There are many different tiers, ranging from a few thousand dollars to half a million. If you want to invest more than half a million in precious metals, you'll need to call Noble Gold and talk to them about your options. In this case, you'll be given a custom plan that's tailored to your exact circumstances and potential needs.

If you use the Noble Express delivery system, then your package will be shipped to your house within five days. The package is discreet and fully insured, so you'll need to sign for it at the door. If you use the Noble Fortress system, your package will be shipped to a secure depository and held there until you claim it.

Secure depositories are a better place to store your precious metals than your home. But many people want to have their metals right nearby in case of emergency. If you don't want to use a storage facility, then at least make sure that you have a strong home safe.

Storage Options

Noble Gold Review

As mentioned, if you purchase the Royal Survival Packs, then you have a choice of home delivery or depository storage. But if you invest in a precious metals IRA, then you must have your items secured in a licensed facility. All of the depositories available through Noble Gold are fully insured, so you can get your investment back if something goes wrong.

There are three main depositories that Noble Gold works with. One is the Delaware Depository, located in Delaware. This depository is one of the most popular in the country because of the numerous tax advantages that it has.

Another depository is located in Texas, which is ideal for people who want something in the South. If you're more interested in storing your items outside of the US, you might prefer the depository located in Toronto, Canada.

Fees and Pricing

Noble Gold doesn't have any fees to set up an account with them. That's unprecedented in this industry, since most precious metals IRA companies charge a certain amount for setup. As long as you meet the minimum investment requirements, you don't have to pay anything to get set up.

However, you will need to pay annual fees for storage and maintenance. These go to your depository and custodian. You can expect to pay at least $80 per year. If you use the Delaware or Texas depositories, then you'll pay an additional fee for storage of $150.

The Texas storage depository has the highest fees. Part of this is because all of the accounts are segregated. Segregated storage is more expensive than non-segregated, since your items are held separately from everyone else's. But since everything is insured, non-segregated storage is equally secure.

Noble Gold doesn't publish the prices of individual precious metals online. To get a quote for your IRA, you'll need to get in contact with the company. However, there are multiple different price tiers for the Royal Survival Packs. These range from $2,000 to $500,000.

When the time comes for you to liquidate your holdings, you can use Noble Gold's buyback option. All you have to do is ask the company to give you a buyback quote. Once you've settled on a price, the items will be shipped to the company, and you'll be paid as soon as the order processes.

This makes it much easier to liquidate your items quickly if you need to.

Is Noble Gold a Scam?

Noble Gold Review

Noble Gold isn't a scam. The company has excellent reviews across multiple third party websites like Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau. While there are a few complaints, it's very difficult to find negative feedback. The positive feedback is overwhelming by comparison.

Some complaints are to be expected with any large company. There have been three filed with the BBB in the past three years, but only one is available to view. Presumably the other two have been resolved. By comparison, there are hundreds upon hundreds of glowing five-star reviews, indicating a customer satisfaction rating of over 99%.

The complaint was from someone who said that there were issues with liquidating their silver. The customer said that they had asked to liquidate in January of 2022, but the company never fulfilled the request. As such, the customer wanted to be refunded for the whole cost of their investment.

The customer also alleged that Noble Gold spoke to someone other than the customer's husband about the account, allowing this person to make financial decisions about the account. She said that she tried twice to have the liquidation go through, only for it to fall through both times.

Noble Gold responded to say that they had spoken with the BBB and provided supporting documents regarding the situation. While they did not make many public comments, they did say that they hoped they'd be able to resolve the situation peacefully. They also said that they were sympathetic to the client's troubles and wanted to help however they could.

Much of this conflict was detailed in supporting documents that are not available for public view. Even so, it does seem that Noble Gold did their best to understand and rectify the situation. Without further information, it's hard to determine what exactly went wrong. But since there are so many other positive customer reviews, it seems clear that this is not a typical experience with this company.

Positive Reviews

Let's take a look at some of the positive feedback from past customers. We can't go through hundreds of reviews, but we can examine a few. That's the best way to determine where the company's major strengths lie.

One reviewer referred to her representative Mandi by name. She said that Mandi had a strong air of professionalism and was available to answer any questions about the precious metals. In addition, she said that she would happily recommend Noble Gold to anyone thinking about securing their finances with precious metals.

Another reviewer referred to his representative Micah by name. He said that Micah was pleasant to work with and was able to answer every question he had. He finished the review by stating that he would not hesitate to use Noble Gold to make further investments in precious metals in the future.

Yet another reviewer mentioned his representative Josh by name. He said that throughout every step of the purchase process, Josh helped him and answered questions. This customer had both purchased precious metals with cash and bought precious metals for his IRA. Both types of transaction went very well.

There is a review left by a married couple who say that they are seniors with a strong level of caution. They heard that Noble Gold was endorsed by a podcaster that they liked, so they called. This couple also worked with Mandi, who walked them through the whole process and was extremely patient. They said that they were very pleased with the experience thus far, and they would happily keep working with Noble Gold in the future.

Pros & Cons of Noble Gold


  • Positive customer feedback and third party reviews.
  • Very few complaints, with all negative feedback being resolved.
  • Multiple avenues available for investment.


  • Relative newcomer in the industry compared to some of the competition.

Final Thoughts

Noble Gold is one of the top precious metals IRA companies in the industry. Despite being a relative newcomer, they've grown quickly and are now known throughout the nation. They have been positively reviewed by hundreds of past customers, and there's very little negative feedback surrounding them. When there are complaints, the company immediately makes an effort to clear up the situation and resolve the issue.

Many past customers say that they'd wholeheartedly recommend working with Noble Gold. It's common for them to mention the representatives they worked with by name. They seem to have established a strong rapport with their account manager, and there's a strong level of trust in the company.

Overall, we do recommend investing with Noble Gold. They have all of the things that people look for when choosing a precious metals IRA. And they also have quite a few options for those who want to make cash purchases, too.

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