Orion Metal Exchange Review

Orion Metal Exchange Review

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Orion Metal Exchange is a major newcomer in the precious metals field, with only about five years of experience working in the industry. But this company has quickly become one of the biggest and most positively reviewed gold IRA firms in the nation.

Is that reputation actually deserved? What kind of people can benefit from Orion Metal Exchange's services? We've broken down what exactly the company offers, as well as what any potential customer needs to know before they start.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Jacob Blalock
  • Rating: 3.5/5

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About Orion Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange Review

This company functions as more than just a gold dealership. They also sell silver, platinum, and palladium products. Many of their products can be held in an IRA, meaning that you can buy them with retirement funds. But to do that, you need to open the correct account and fill out certain paperwork first.

That's where the IRA services come in. If you're interested in using your retirement funds to buy precious metals, Orion Metal Exchange has experts who can help. They will walk you through each piece of paperwork and handle much of the legal stuff for you. Then they'll help you select ideal products from their available inventory.

The company focuses on substance, wanting to make sure that customers are thoroughly educated and get answers to their questions. When you work with them, you'll meet employees who are great at managing accounts and making suggestions.

Though this is one of the newest companies in the field, the experts in charge have tons of experience. In fact, there is over 50 years worth of combined experience in the industry. People have come to this company after seasoned careers in precious metals, finance, investing, and retirement planning.

When you go to the Orion Metal Exchange website, you'll find tons of different information. The goal is to teach customers enough to make savvy decisions, whether or not they choose this specific dealership. To that end, you'll see gold price charts that update in real time. You'll also see expert articles written about the global economy, current events, and retirement.

Another available resource is the company's investors kit. You can have this kit and the accompanying guide sent to you for free. With these tools, you'll learn more about different precious metals products, the benefits and risks of investment, and how gold IRAs work.

The idea is that you should be able to find answers to most of your questions just by browsing the website. But if you prefer to speak to someone aloud, you can always call and talk to a representative. They'll be happy to handle your queries.

Serving Clients

Orion Metal Exchange Review

Now the question is what makes Orion Metal Exchange so popular with new clients. The company has seen unprecedented growth since launching, serving people across the US and garnering dozens of glowing reviews. They have also been featured in various media publications.

This is partially because there's a major commitment to hands-on customer service. They try to demystify the entire IRA investment process, sorting out your paperwork and presenting you with options for your depository and custodian. You can get in touch with your representative through the website or the phone for extra ease.

Perhaps the most important detail is the IRA team. This is an in-house group of experts whose only job is to manage people's IRAs. They are experts in the legal and tax requirements for these accounts, and they have the paperwork down to a science. Since you're working with these experts, you save much more time than if you were trying to figure out all of the steps on your own.

The company is also compliant with the most recent industry standards. All of their products have been certified and graded by organizations like the NGC and PGCS. In addition, the business operates according to the standards that have been set by the Industry Council on Tangible Assets, which is one of the biggest regulatory bodies in the precious metals industry.

Custodian and Storage Options

Orion Metal Exchange Review

When it comes to self-directed IRAs, many gold dealerships have partnered with specific custodians. You need a custodian to manage your account, even though you have full control over the assets. You also need to store your gold or other precious metals in an appropriate vault. That means paying to use a licensed depository with 24/7 security and insurance.

Oftentimes, gold IRA companies will have one to five custodians that they most commonly work with. But that doesn't seem to be the case with Orion Metal Exchange. This can be inconvenient, as the custodian has a big impact on your fees. You don't know how much you'll be paying for maintenance, transactions, and other aspects of your account until you have your custodian.

On the Orion Metal Exchange website, the company has talked about the different ways of setting up an account. In some cases, it's possible to create a self-directed IRA with your current retirement account custodian. But traditional 401(k)s are managed very differently from self-directed IRAs, and your custodian might not have the proper license.

If your current custodian can't create an IRA, then you'll need to pick a new one. From there, you'll need to have your old custodian roll over your funds into your new account. This is a complex process that your Orion Metal Exchange representative can help with. However, the company's approach isn't quite as streamlined as some.

The website says that Orion Metal Exchange can serve as your custodian. But it's not clear whether they're actually licensed as a custodian, or they just work as a liaison between you and your custodian.

Once you've created the account and funded it, then you will choose the metals products. These can be picked from the Orion Metal Exchange inventory. There are many popular bullion options available from mints around the world. In addition to classics like the American Eagle, you'll also find coins from Canada, the UK, and other countries.

The Orion Metals Exchange website also doesn't have a lot of information available regarding depositories. As with custodians, many gold dealerships will partner with a few different companies. But this website just states that your custodian will assist you with narrowing down an approved depository. You will have the final say in which depository you think is most appropriate.

Orion Metal Exchange claims that they can recommend several international and local storage services, both for IRAs and for cash purchases. However, they haven't published information about their recommendations. So to find out who they work with, you'll need to call and talk to them.


Orion Metal Exchange Review

Most of the available products in the company's inventory are eligible to hold in an IRA. You will need to double check that your choices meet the purity standards and other qualifications that the IRS has laid out. There are several different types of gold and silver American Eagles available, as well as proof versions of these coins.

When you browse the inventory on the company website, you will be able to see an estimate of the cost in real time. The price you pay might be different because of how the market fluctuates from minute to minute. But this tool gives you a quick way of comparing the cost to the spot price, to see whether you're getting a good deal.

The inventory page will list the weight, condition, and type of item. There are many gold and silver products, as well as a small handful of platinum and palladium.

Some examples of other coins available include:

  • Gold Rose Guineas
  • Gold British Queens Beast
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Canadian Grizzly Bear from 2017
  • Canadian Snow Falcon from 2016
  • Canadian Polar Bear and Cub from 2015
  • Canadian Arctic Fox from 2014
  • Canadian Polar Bear from 2013
  • Commemorative $5 US gold coins with a variety of faces
  • Commemorative $10 US gold coins with a variety of faces

Is Orion Metal Exchange a Scam?

Orion Metal Exchange Review

Orion Metal Exchange isn't a scam. This is one of the larger precious metals dealers in the US, having garnered several hundred reviews online. When you go to the Better Business Bureau website, you'll find that they are accredited and have an A+ rating. The site shows 40 unanimously positive reviews but zero filed complaints in the prior three years.

There are similarly positive responses on Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, Facebook, and Google. All of these function as third party areas where you can find honest feedback from past customers. While testimonials on a website are great, they also aren't always necessarily true. By going to an external site, you can verify the identities and experiences of actual clients.

In addition, the company has a great deal of information available regarding its operations. You can find out about who is in charge, where they operate from, and other information with just a quick online search.

One review on the BBB website mentions the associate Beau by name. The reviewer said that he made it very easy to buy precious metals, and that he was quick to respond to phone calls and questions. They also added that the customer representative never used any pushy tactics or tried to "hard sell" anything.

Other reviews are similar. Customers have said that they never received any high pressure calls or tactics when working with the representatives. They say that the staff is friendly and kind, as well as super knowledgeable. There are several reviews that mention how helpful the staff is in managing all of the retirement funding paperwork for them.

Pros & Cons of Orion Metal Exchange


  • Lots of positive reviews that mention the sales representatives by name.
  • Solid policies with a variety of popular IRA-eligible products.
  • Platinum and palladium products available in addition to silver and gold.


  • Only been around since 2017.
  • Not quite as streamlined as some of the top companies.
  • Not much information available about depository or custodian options.

Final Thoughts

Orion Metal Exchange is a solid company with a good reputation in the industry. It's surprising that they've become so competitive and grown so quickly, especially having only been founded in 2017. The precious metals industry is so competitive that they must have really set themselves apart.

Part of how they've done this seems to be through their customer service. Past customers have left dozens of five-star reviews. In these reviews, they talk about how happy they are with the services. They mention how the customer team is always knowledgeable and helpful, and how they feel totally confident in their purchases.

Because of this, there's nothing holding you back from investing with this company. There are no major red flags. But we do prefer a few other gold IRA companies instead. There are some potential drawbacks of Orion Metal Exchange that these other winners don't have.

For example, they don't have much information online about their specific managers. Their owner is available through Linkedin, but the company doesn't publish many details about how they operate. There also isn't a lot of information available regarding the custodians and depositories that they most commonly work with. On top of that, there are no prices listed online.

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