“If we don’t know – and cannot find out – what companies are paying our governments, how can we hold our governments to account?”

– Cielo Magno, the Philippines

Publish What You Pay members work to see extractive companies publish more information about payments they make to governments where they operate – for instance how much royalty tax they paid for a mining project.

They seek to do this by monitoring legal developments where they do not currently exist or are not yet implemented and by participating in the improvement of existing rules in countries where extractive companies are listed or registered; currently most of these countries are in the global north. For example, introducing new reporting requirements at the New York Stock Exchange affects 60% of the world’s top mining companies.

Companies and developed countries profit hugely from the global extractive sector, they have a responsibility to diminish the opportunities for corruption or mismanagement. Publish What You Pay members in resource-rich countries want to change the odds, odds that are stacked against activists and that are favourable to secrecy. Publish What You Pay is working to enable citizens to follow the money and hold their governments to account.

It is only through structural change that the resource curse can be overturned. To find out more, explore the map on top of this page and view a brief history of mandatory disclosures below:

Mandatory disclosures infographic