Preserve Gold Review

Preserve Gold Review

Preserve Gold is a recently-founded precious metals firm that has already gained hundreds of customers. The management comes from a background involving three decades in the industry. During that time, the founders figured out what practices work best and what don’t. They have stated that they created the kind of company that they would want to work with.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Daniel Boston (Founder)
  • Rating: 4.0/5

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About Preserve Gold

Preserve Gold Review

Preserve Gold focuses mainly on investment bullion, helping every individual client to turn their wealth into tangible assets. Tangible assets like precious metals always have value, unlike intangible investments like stocks or cryptocurrency. They also perform inversely to the stock market, meaning that when stocks tank, the price of gold shoots up.

Because of this, most investment experts recommend putting a portion of your assets into precious metals. That way, during times of economic turbulence, you have a stockpile of valuable assets to liquidate while you wait for the dust to settle.

Preserve Gold states that they want all of their customers to have a one-on-one concierge-type experience. They run their business as though every client comes from a high net worth background, regardless of how much or how little they purchase. The positive customer reviews indicate that so far, they’re succeeding in this regard.

In this way, the company is accessible to beginners and people from less wealthy financial backgrounds. Even if you only have a small amount of savings or retirement funds, Preserve Gold believes that you deserve to have the best financial future possible.

To this end, they have a strong focus on education. The precious metals industry is difficult to navigate, and it’s full of bad actors who confuse people into purchases. Preserve Gold teaches every client about the industry, economics, and the available products. Not only does that help them make informed decisions in the moment, but it keeps them from being prey to scams in the future.

The company doesn’t have a one-and-done approach to client relationships, either. After you have made your initial purchase, your specialist will continue to update you on the status of your order. You’ll be told as soon as the package is shipped, on its way, and arriving at your door. You can also reach out to your specialist with industry questions and concerns at any time, even if you aren’t making a purchase.

When you’re ready to sell your precious metals and take your assets back in cash, Preserve Gold will buy them back for you. They don’t have any buyback fees, and they promise that you’ll be given the highest possible buyback offer. You don’t have to worry about being lowballed by a local pawn shop.

Precious Metals Association

Preserve Gold is one of the founding members of the Precious Metals Association, otherwise known as the PMA. The PMA is an association of companies that lead the precious metals industry. All of them are committed to strong integrity and ethics in their practices.

There are multiple requirements for companies to become members. They must adhere to a code of ethics, regulation compliance, client education, and resolutions when customers have issues. Companies can’t join the PMA without getting the approval of the current members. They must promise that they’ll adhere to the best industry practices and standards.

If a company doesn’t meet these standards, they are not eligible to join.

The Preserve Gold website has listed a few common scams and red flags to look out for. In addition, they say that if you choose to use a different company, they strongly recommend working with one of their fellow PMA members. It’s true that all of these companies abide by strict ethical standards and have a high level of transparency.

Preserve Gold Benefits

There are a variety of specific benefits to working with Preserve Gold that set them apart from the competition. While some competitors boast all of these perks, they’re few and far between.

First of all, every single package ships for free, no matter how much it costs. There’s a full insurance policy until you sign for the package, meaning that you can get your money back if it gets lost. The majority of packages ship inside of a week after the payment clears.

As mentioned, there is a buyback guarantee. Any existing client can sell their metals back to Preserve Gold whenever they want.

In addition to the buyback program, there’s a 24-hour cancellation policy. Once you make your purchase, Preserve Gold will send you an itemized invoice. If you decide that you’ve changed your mind about the purchase, you can cancel within 24 hours of receiving the invoice without being charged any financial penalties.

Many precious metals companies have strict cancellation policies that force you to pay a high fee or a percentage of your original purchase. This 24-hour policy helps ensure that customers don’t feel “locked in” to a purchase they’ve reconsidered.

Preserve Gold promises to price match. If you find the same product in the same condition for a lower price, just show Preserve Gold the offer. They will make an effort to beat or match the price.

Perhaps the most important thing, though, is the company’s unique brand of customer service. They pride themselves on being constantly available to answer client questions. When you call and ask them about the industry, they’ll have an answer. The representatives are happy to give you updates on the market, information about the industry, and insights on the products, even if you’re not making a purchase.

The educational tools go hand-in-hand with that. Each representative makes sure that their client understands every aspect of what they’re doing. It’s important that the clients are confident in their decisions, and that they don’t make any purchases that they aren’t totally confident in.

IRA Services

Preserve Gold Review

Like many precious metals companies, Preserve Gold offers IRA services. If you want to open a gold IRA, their specialists can help you with the process.

There are just three steps to setting up an IRA through Preserve Gold. The first step is to call the number on their website and speak to a specialist. This person will explain what you need to do to set up a tax-advantaged account. Once you have the paperwork filled out, you'll transfer funds into the new account. Then you can use those funds to purchase IRA-approved precious metals from Preserve Gold.

Preserve Gold typically works with three different depositories: the Delaware Depository, International Depository Services, and Texas Precious Metals Depository. The right one for you will often depend on your region, as all of the depositories are located in different areas throughout the US.

The Texas depository is in Shiner, Texas. International Depository Services has options in Dallas, Texas, or in New Castle, Delaware. The Delaware Depository has a massive depository in Delaware, as well as another secondary depository in Boulder City, Nevada.

Is Preserve Gold Legitimate?

Preserve Gold Review

Preserve Gold is a legitimate company. Whenever a precious metals firm is new to the industry, they have to take some time to prove themselves trustworthy. Though Preserve Gold is a new firm, they seem to have a strong rapport with their client base. The executives behind the company have a much longer history in the precious metals industry.

The company has a street address that can be easily visited, as well as accessible phone numbers and email addresses.

On the Better Business Bureau page, Preserve Gold has received an accreditation, which means that they are considered a trusted company. It is typically difficult for such a young firm to be accredited so early. There are zero complaints but 31 customer reviews, which give an average of 4.94 out of 5 stars. That translates to 99% total customer satisfaction.

The highest rating possible with the BBB is an A+. Preserve Gold has been given an A- rating. But when you click to find the reasons for the rating, the only one listed is the age of the business. There are no bad practices, complaints, government actions, or other issues that the BBB has recorded.

The BBB website isn’t the only place where Preserve Gold has positive customer reviews. On Trustpilot, there are 53 reviews with an average star rating of 4.8, which qualifies as “excellent.” Consumer Affairs shows 38 reviews, all of which gave the company a perfect 5 star rating.

There are even more reviews on Trustindex, another third party review site. With over 150 individual ratings, the company has an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Nearly every single one of the reviews has 5 stars.

Specific Positive Reviews

We can take a look at some of the positive reviews to see what specific customers had to say.

One customer left a detailed review in November of 2023, stating that this was the first time that she’d purchased precious metals. She didn’t have much information about how to convert her assets, file paperwork, or make the right purchases. Her company representative was Daniel, who explained everything about the process to her until she understood.

She said that she would happily recommend Daniel’s expertise and products to people who wanted to diversify their assets into precious metals. Even though she wasn’t a wealthy client, he dedicated his time and patience to her. She said that whenever she called, she could either talk to him immediately, or he would get back to her on the same day.

The customer said that she had the feeling that Daniel cared about her assets as though they were his own, and that she felt very cared for and at ease during the transaction.

Another customer left a review in November talking about her experience with investing through Preserve Gold. She worked with Mike, who took the time to answer her questions and educate her about everything she was doing. He cared about making sure that she was confident in her choices and that this would benefit her financial future.

This customer said that she has complete trust and faith in Mike. She found him to be like a friend she’d had for her entire life. All of the company’s solutions were built individually to fit her needs.

A third customer stated that he had put in a request to receive information from the company. A representative named Catherine reached out over the phone. She made sure that the client would get the right materials. He said that he got the information in just three minutes, and that she wasn’t pushy about his potential purchase at all.

Though he had not yet made a purchase, he said that he was feeling confident about the company culture and customer service. He had scheduled an appointment for the following week to discuss his assets and portfolio.

There was a customer who left a review naming his representative Nathan. He stated that Nathan was incredibly helpful in explaining the process. In addition, Nathan was proactive about calling the customer to give him updates about the arrival of the coins. The customer was so pleased that he had asked to receive updates every few months from Nathan about the state of the precious metals industry, even if he hadn’t made a recent purchase.

All of these reviews similarly praise the customer service, efficiency, and communication from the team. But each one mentions a different team member. It seems like Preserve Gold really has made an effort to employ experts who all deeply care about the individuals that they’re working with. Every staff member has received the lion’s share of praise from their clients.

Pros & Cons of Preserve Gold


  • Very positive reviews, with multiple representatives praised by name.
  • Management has 30 years of industry experience despite the company’s short tenure.
  • Free shipping, fee-free buyback program, and 24-hour satisfaction guarantee included in all purchases.


  • Company has only been in business for a year.
  • A- with the BBB because of how young the business is.

Final Thoughts

Preserve Gold is an impressive newcomer to the precious metals industry. Though the company is newly formed, the management has decades of experience. It’s clear that they understand how to treat their customers and manage a business. Multiple representatives have been praised by name in the customer reviews.

Preserve Gold also has a variety of competitive policies. Every package ships for free, fully insured, no matter how much or how little you bought. Every customer is entitled to a buyback program whenever they want to sell their metals. And if you make a purchase and then decide that you’ve changed your mind, you can cancel at any time within 24 hours of receiving your invoice.

It’s not surprising that Preserve Gold has quickly become a leading competitor in the industry. Their strong pricing models, expert customer care, and overall satisfaction have pulled dozens of customers from all over the country. Some have never invested in precious metals before, and others are switching from more established companies.

The only real caveat with Preserve Gold is the age of the company. They have all the hallmarks of a business that’s here to stay. But it’s hard to guarantee that when you’ve only been operating for a year. Buyback guarantees are excellent, but they’re only binding of a company is still in operation.

So if you’re wary of working with more newly-established companies, you might want to go with a competitor that has a few more years under their belt. But there’s very little to complain about with regards to Preserve Gold. They seem to have carved out a niche in the industry and only be growing from here.

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