Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured Review

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Among the hundreds of precious metals dealers online, Red Rock Secured has gained a loyal following. There are many people who swear that they've had amazing experiences with this company. But can these tales be trusted? What exactly does the company offer, and who are they best to work with? Should you take a look at their services, or should you run in the other direction?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: David Clemen (President)
  • Rating: 3.5/5

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About Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured is more than just a precious metals dealer. They have a key focus on gold and silver IRAs. The idea is that people should be able to reach their retirement goals and find security by investing in the right products. Every person needs a unique portfolio to fit their specific needs and goals.

This company operates from its base in California. Though some online articles indicate that they might offer real estate and other alternative assets, their website seems to chiefly focus on gold. Still, they understand the importance of diversifying a self-directed IRA, whether you're using traditional or alternative assets.

There are multiple different values that the company's policies are based around. They say that they want to give customers the highest level of integrity, honesty, and helpfulness. Basically, they want to be the type of company that they themselves would choose to invest with.

Like many other companies that focus exclusively on gold IRAs, Red Rock Secured has a major focus on client education. It's important for people to understand how a gold IRA works and why it matters. Many people are worried about how to protect their retirement given today's economic turbulence. By investing in silver and gold, people can hedge against these turbulent fluctuations.

If you want to talk about your retirement options, you can call and speak to one of the company's representatives. They will answer your questions and get a sense of what you're looking for.

Company Values

Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured operates with strict values that govern the way they interact with customers. These values are vital because every employee is expected to exemplify them.


When people buy gold and silver, it's not with the goal of making money. It's true that the price of the precious metals will probably rise over the next several years, keeping up with the pace of inflation. But the investment won't grow significantly, nor will it pay dividends. In fact, you will have to pay money to store the items.

But people purchase precious metals because of the protection factor. When the stock market crashes, everyone turns toward gold and silver. That causes their prices to skyrocket. This has happened historically every time the economy crashes or goes through other types of turbulence. Plus, as mentioned, the value of the metals will keep up with inflation.

Any investment comes with some level of risk. The people at Red Rock Secured work hard to make sure that clients understand the risk that they're undertaking. They use a "never zero" policy when it comes to strategizing. This means that they will ensure that clients never see their portfolios go to "zero," even if the value might fluctuate naturally.

Client Care and Education

The company doesn't operate with the goal of foisting off as much gold onto every customer as possible. They strive to create lifelong relationships with each customer. Even after you've made your purchase and moved on, you can always get in contact and ask about the company's insights.

There is a guarantee of quality communication levels. Most customers say that they did receive a strong level of communication with their representative. There are a few reviews indicating that customers needed to call a couple times in order to get a response, although this might just have been while the company was unusually busy.

Education is another key factor. The more clients know, the better they'll be at securing their investment portfolio. To that end, the company works hard to make sure that clients understand every aspect of their purchase. Not only should they understand the benefits of the products, but they should understand the risks and the rewards as well.


Red Rock Secured does not believe that your portfolio should be made up exclusively of precious metals. In fact, they believe that precious metals should just be a small amount of your portfolio. That goes for your retirement setup and your personal savings.

A properly diversified portfolio has room to grow over time. Unlike precious metals, the assets in this portfolio can earn dividends and gain significant value. But of course, these types of investments also have a high amount of risk. You can lose just as much as you put in.

When you purchase products through this company, you'll get bullion that has a high level of liquidity. This means that it's easy to recognize and sell during times of turbulence. In addition, since the price is based more on the melt value than on speculation, you're more likely to get a good price.

Making a Purchase

Red Rock Secured Review

When you want to make a purchase through Red Rock Secured, you'll need to call and talk to one of the company's employees. The website has a list of the bullion offerings, as well as the company's premium offerings.

The vast majority of the bullion offerings are IRA-approved. This means that they meet the standards that the IRS has written regarding the purity and the type of product. Only certain coins from sovereign mints can be held in an IRA, and only bars that meet strict purity standards can be.

The premium offerings fluctuate depending on the day. These are pieces of inventory that are priced competitively for their value. You might see proof versions of different US Mint coins, or older Canadian Mint coins with different animal designs. Some of these will be eligible for an IRA, while others are not.

There are several coins that can't be held in an IRA, like the circulated Peace Dollars, Half Dollars, and Mercury Dimes. Then you also have the opportunity to buy "junk" silver. This silver has a purity of just 90%, making it much less valuable than pure silver. But if you want to buy up a lot of silver at a cheap price, that's one of the best ways to do so.

Red Rock Secured doesn't publish their prices on their website. If you're interested in any of their products, you'll have to call and ask a representative for a quote. They don't seem to do much with numismatic collectibles or exclusive coins, instead preferring to get classic easily-liquidated options.

Creating an IRA

Red Rock Secured Review

If you want to open an IRA and buy gold or silver with it, you can speak to a representative. Your consultation over the phone is totally free. This is where they'll discuss the pros and cons of the decision, helping you to determine whether it's the right choice for you.

This initial call isn't a sales call. You don't have to commit to making a purchase if you don't want to. Since the company is so focused on transparency and integrity, the representatives don't operate with dishonest sales pitches.

Your representative will help you decide on a custodian for your new account. Then they'll help you with the paperwork to have the funds transferred from your existing retirement account to the new one. It's after this account is funded that you can actually make a purchase.

You'll decide on the exact products that you want to buy and get a price quote. If you have a budget in mind, you can ask your representative to make suggestions based on the current prices of the items. Just make sure that you double check the spot price before you buy, as that's how you can determine whether you're getting a reasonable deal.

You will also choose a storage facility for your IRA, since you're not allowed to store the metals at home. All of the facilities available are fully insured, so you can be compensated if you end up dealing with damage or theft. There is also a high level of security that must comply with IRS standards. Red Rock Secured will handle coordinating with the depository and your custodian to ship your order.


One of the major potential drawbacks of Red Rock Secured is that they haven't published much information about their fee structure. Not only that, but there's not much information about which custodians and depositories they usually work with.

When you open an IRA, you have two ongoing annual costs to worry about: storage and maintenance. Storage is the cost of keeping your vault open, while maintenance is the cost of having your custodian maintain the account and update you on the holdings. Different depositories and custodians have very different fee structures, with some getting unusually pricey very quickly.

Red Rock Secured also doesn't have much information available about the company's personal fees. In order to get started with an investment, you need to have at least $1,500 to spend. While that may seem like a hefty number, it's actually much lower than the minimum investment for many comparable companies.

The company website says that some customers can qualify to have their fees covered for life. But they don't specify how much you need to invest in order to make use of this promotion.

Is Red Rock Secured a Scam?

Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured is not a scam. This is a company that does seem to abide by its values, at least judging by past customer reviews. You can find a few hundred reviews from past consumers online, the majority of which are positive. While there have been a few mildly negative comments, most people say that they've been hugely satisfied by their experiences.

Customer Complaints

When you look up the company on the BBB website, they have an A+ rating. There have been 5 complaints within the prior three years. The company has responded to each and made an effort to resolve them to the customer's satisfaction. Let's take a look at what happened with a few of these.

Agreement Not Being Honored

One customer left a complaint in April of 2022 regarding an agreement that he felt had not been honored by the company. The purchase had been made back in March of 2021. The customer had bought 500 silver coins and received an invoice. When he received the order, he was told by a customer representative that if he bought more of the coins then he'd be given a price guarantee for a year.

The idea was that if the price had lowered in a year after the purchase, Red Rock Secured would send extra coins for free to make up this difference. The customer compared his price to the regular going price of the coins, and he found that he had been charged fairly. But when he tried to liquidate his coins, he couldn't find anyone to buy them for more than a fraction of what he'd paid.

The customer called the company one year after making the purchase to ask them to honor the price guarantee. He wanted to be sent coins to make up the value of his initial investment so that he could liquidate his holdings. But he was told that his original representative didn't work at the company anymore, and told that he'd receive a text the following day.

When the customer didn't receive a text, he followed up. The representative he spoke to said that he accepted the guarantee but needed to pass it on to management because he didn't have the authority to do it himself. After this, the customer was not able to get another response. He was frustrated and wanted to see the issue through.

The customer followed up shortly afterward to say that he was able to reach an amicable agreement with Red Rock Secured in which they honored their original deal. He was fully satisfied with the outcome.

None of the other complaints are available to view on the BBB website. It is possible that the customers have withdrawn them after having their issue addressed. It's also possible that the customers asked not to have their complaint listed publicly. Either way, the business has responded to 100% of complaints and seems to be committed to satisfactory solutions.

Pros & Cons of Red Rock Secured


  • Solid IRA services with a low minimum investment.
  • High level of integrity with good consumer reviews overall.


  • Very little information about fees online.
  • No info on which custodians or depositories the company usually works with.
  • A small number of complaints online, though there are more positive reviews than negative.
  • Must call to ask about pricing and available inventory, as the website doesn't show these things.

Final Thoughts

Red Rock Secured is one of the many, many companies offering IRA services. They focus on helping people diversify their retirement accounts into gold and silver. When you go to their website, they have a list of their main bullion and premium coins. Most are eligible for an IRA,although there are some that need to be bought with cash.

The majority of reviews of this company are good. People say that they're happy with how they were treated and how knowledgeable the representatives are. But there are a few drawbacks.

For example, there's not much information about which custodians the company works with. You won't know how much you'll be paying in storage and custodian fees until you choose a depository and custodian for your account.

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