Civil Society Communique on the implementation of EITI in Sierra Leone

Source: NACE
Date: 23 Sep 2021

Adopted at a public forum on EITI in freetown

We, representatives of citizens groups in Sierra Leone, organized under the banner of the National Advocacy Coalition on Extractives (NACE), meeting at a public forum organized at our instance, with the support of DFID, on September 23, 2021 at Hotel Cabenda, Freetown;

Having listened to presentations on the role of mining in national development and on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI),

Having had the opportunity to seek clarifications and discuss the EITI concept and how it can work for us,

Noting that far too often have we been taken for granted in policy formulation and decisions affecting us,

That we are most immediately affected by mining, and that several of our generations to come will unfortunately have to live with the destruction that mining has visited on us for many years,

That the only way to ensure that we are not short-changed in the distribution and utilization of mining revenues, is to involve us the communities in the governance processes in the extractive sector,

Declare as follows:

That the EITI concept is a laudable idea, which if implemented to the spirit and letter will ensure prudent management of the dividends from mining and go a long way to alleviate extreme poverty among our people;

That it has the potential of facilitating the peoples’ involvement in development processes in our communities;

That we heartily welcome the government’s endorsement of the EITI concept and its commitment to its implementation, demonstrated in its appointment of an EITI Champion in no less a person than the Hon. Minister of Presidential Affairs, Dr. Shekou Sessay, who as a further demonstration of Government’s commitment, and in line with the principles and criteria of the EITI, has engaged the relevant stakeholders to agree on the formulae and modalities for setting up a multi-stakeholder National Steering Committee to facilitate and coordinate the EITI implementation programme in Sierra Leone;

While we pledge our support to the government as it takes its initial but critical steps towards the implementation of the EITI in Sierra Leone, we urge the mining companies, traditional authorities, and all citizens of Sierra Leone to demonstrate unwavering support to the initiative.

We also urge the government of Sierra Leone to work closely with other governments in the sub-region in an effort to learn from their experiences and to build a common West African framework for EITI implementation in the sub-region.


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