Communiqué - Eurasia regional meeting

Source: Publish What You Pay Eurasia
Date: 24 Sep 2021

Civil society groups from Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Ukraine gathered in Batumi, Georgia for three days to participate in a two-day training on the new EITI standard –organised by Revenue Watch Institute- followed by the 9th Eurasia regional meeting. 

The training resulted in civil society identifying key national priority areas to advance implementation of the new EITI standard. Common issues centred around a public registry of licences as well as a transparent licence tender process, volume of production, better disclosure of information from state-owned companies, contract transparency, beneficial ownership as well as more information on how the revenues are allocated in the national budgets.  

Civil society is committed to and excited about implementing the new EITI standard and has the following recommendations to EITI implementing governments, companies as well as supporting donors:

1.    To implement the new EITI standard in line with the approved transitional arrangements.

2.    To adopt contract transparency and beneficial ownership as requirements at national level, in line with good international practice and trends.

3.    To use a definition of project –for project level reporting- that is consistent with the definition in the EU Transparency and Accounting Directives and the SEC rules.

4.    To honour the EITI principles ensuring free, effective and independent participation of civil society to engage in extractive industry transparency and accountability. This includes but is not limited to civil society on the multi-stakeholder group. 

5.    To support wider civil society engagement through increasing financial and technical support to the constituency considered to be the EITI’s progressive force.

6.    To implement international mechanisms relating to transparency.

7.    To integrate the new EITI standard into a domestic legal and regulatory framework. 

The Eurasia regional meeting took stock of international developments in transparency legislation in the US –Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act – and in the European Union –the Transparency and Accounting directives. The participants call upon the American Securities and Exchange Commission to issue strong new rules, following the recent ruling in the US courts. For the European Union, we call upon its member states to follow the leadership of UK, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden to support the swift passage of the EU Transparency and Accounting Directives into national law, strongly urging the data to be open, accessible and comparable.

We call upon the government of Georgia to commit to EITI implementation.  

The above recommendations are in light of the theory and practice that gas, oil and mining resources are public resources that need to be managed for the benefits of all citizens, today and tomorrow.   

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