Statement of the EIB

Source: European Investment Bank
Date: 26 Jun 2022

The Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline forms part of a project to develop the oil fields discovered in the 1970s in Southern Chad, and transport the oil through the Cameroon to an offshore terminal off the Atlantic coast.

The oil fields are to be developed and operated by an oil consortium of ExxonMobil, Petronas and Chevron that obtained a 30-year concession from the Government of Chad. Two special purpose companies, TOTCO and COTCO, joint ventures between the oil consortium and the Governments of Chad and Cameroon, have been established to build and operate the transport component of the project - a 1 070 km oil pipeline from the Doba oil fields to the Cameroon coast near Kribi, three pump stations, one pressure reduction station and an off-shore storage and loading facility.

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