Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull is one of the biggest online retailers of precious metals in the world. Rather than specializing in one niche, they sell all kinds of different items. There’s investment-grade bullion, rare numismatic coins, collectible items, and even jewelry. One section of the site is constantly showing people special sales, and the pricing is extremely transparent.

But is being such a massive corporation a hindrance? The company can handle basically any need you have with regards to precious metals, whether that’s investments or gifts or coin collections. They’ve served hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Is their customer service able to keep up with the demand?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Bobby Belandis
  • Rating: 4.0/5

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About Silver Gold Bull

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull is an online store that sells a huge amount of different gold, silver, and platinum products. Not only do they stock coins, bars, numismatics, and other bullion, but they have jewelry and other unique items as well. They’ve sold precious metals to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, because they pride themselves on having absolutely everything.

One of the unique aspects of the website is that they offer live pricing. While there are some other retailers that do this, Silver Gold Bull goes a step further. They publish their exact algorithms, so you always know exactly how much above the spot price any given product is priced.

That means that rather than needing to research the spot prices and do the calculations yourself, you can simply decide whether the markup is worth it to you. The product markups are also among the most reasonable in the industry, sometimes being less than a dollar above spot!

No matter what type of product you buy, the package will be fully insured in transit. You’ll sign for it at the door.

The company employs a host of customer service representatives that work to make sure that every customer is satisfied. Given that there are hundreds of thousands of positive reviews and only four BBB complaints, this in-house team seems to have done a great job.

In addition to helping with customer issues, the team will answer questions about company policies, prices, sales, and products. In addition, they have educational knowledge about how precious metals are affected by the global economy.

Silver Gold Bull sources their products from a number of different mints and reputable wholesalers. They even buy directly from the Royal Canadian Mint. Every single order is carefully audited and goes through a logistic process to make sure that the items are authentic and accurate.

The company has a strong security policy with regards to customer data. They protect the individual information of every customer. There are protocols built into the website to prevent the leaking of consumer data, and the sales team engages in strict confidentiality.

Orders can be placed online without even needing to speak to another person, thanks to the live pricing updates. You can also call in an order over the phone and lock in the price. The company is happy to serve everyone from the most casual collectors to the most seasoned investors.

Silver Gold Bull has a best price guarantee. If you find the same product through a competitor for a lower price, they’ll match it. All of the packages ship with full insurance, no matter how much or how little you spend. You will need to pay for shipping, though, unless the order totals at least $200. Once it reaches that threshold, the shipping is totally free.

Storage Services

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull has a variety of other services available in addition to their retail products. One of these services is secure storage. When you sign up for a vault through their website, you can have the first three months of storage completely for free.

There are six vault locations spread across four different countries. Over 150 million dollars worth of deposits are already being stored by other customers. When you sign up for a vault, you’ll get 24/7 access to updates about the holdings in your vault. You’ll be able to see the value change in real time as the price of precious metals fluctuates.

There are plenty of reasons to store your precious metals in a secure vault. Home storage may make you feel more secure, but it’s actually very vulnerable. Vaults have insurance policies, 24/7 security, regular audits, and other high-tech measures in place. When you store your precious metals in a vault, you’re protecting your wealth against any kind of future peril.

The storage vaults with Silver Gold Bull go through a monthly audit. In addition, your individual vault will be audited after each deposit that you make. You’ll receive regular reports regarding changes to your holdings. Lloyd’s of London, the largest insurer in the world, will cover the full value of your metals.

Silver Gold Bull works with Brinks Global Services to store items in their vaults. Every Brinks vault is outfitted with fire suppression, 24/7 video surveillance, and armed guards. In addition, all of the vaults are segregated. Your items are put in their own storage container completely separate from everybody else’s. Nobody can access the holdings except for you and an account custodian.

Silver Gold Bull has a buyback program with regards to their storage vaults, too. When you decide that you want to sell your holdings, you can instantly liquidate them. You don’t even need to wait for the metals to be packaged and shipped. All you have to do is tap a few buttons on your account. The funds will be transferred to you within a single business day.

Selling Your Metals

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull also buys precious metals from clients. The company has been working in eCommerce for more than eleven years. Their website states that they will give you the highest price offer for your gold collections, eliminating the chances of being taken advantage of by a less ethical dealer.

The company will buy palladium, silver, platinum, and gold across any amount. They explicitly state on their website that they will buy all types of bullion. Regardless of how much or how little you have to sell, you’ll quickly receive a quote with the best market price.

The first step is to give the company a call. Once you’ve explained what you’re selling, they’ll be able to give you a quote. They may ask questions about the condition of the item, or for other details. After you agree to the offered price, you’ll be emailed a pre-paid shipping label for your package.

Then you just need to package up and ship your items. The shipping label includes a full insurance policy and tracking. Your package will be sent discreetly and anonymously. When it arrives at the facility, it will be opened under a camera. An appraiser will verify the type and condition of the metal.

After the products have been verified, the company will make a direct deposit of the funds right into your chosen bank account. The funds should be available to you within a business day of the verification, so you don’t have to wait a long time for the payment.

If you don’t want to sell your items, but you do want a price quote, you can call Silver Gold Bull to get a free price evaluation. You don’t have to sell to them if you decide that you don’t want to part with your metals. But if you do decide to sell, you’ll be sent a shipping label to make packaging the items easier.

There’s even an option for people who just inherited a massive coin collection or amount of bullion through an estate. You can call and tell Silver Gold Bull about the items that you have, and they’ll give you a reasonable price quote for everything that you want to sell. That’s a lot easier than searching for an estate buyer to liquidate your holdings.

High Net Worth Individuals

Silver Gold Bull Review

There's a section of the website specifically for high net worth customers. In addition to individuals, this can refer to institutions and businesses. Every customer is given high quality customer service whether they have a large amount of wealth or not. But when people are investing significant amounts of their assets into precious metals, there are unique opportunities for them.

Silver Gold Bull states that there is a streamlined method of helping investors who meet certain qualifications. If you qualify, you will be given a dedicated senior business executive. This person will individually work with you to develop your portfolio and understand your goals. They will personalize your portfolio based on things like your current assets, your risk tolerance, and your long-term goals.

These services are available to people who invest a large amount of money into bullion:

  • Dedicated account executive who will help you diversify your portfolio.
  • Ongoing market insights and analysis regarding impacts on your future holdings.
  • Geographic distribution of your assets strategically in vaults all over the world.
  • Preferential access when Silver Gold Bull has high-opportunity and rare products to sell.

Wholesale Services

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull doesn't only work with individual investors. Like many of the largest retailers in the industry, they also work in other sectors of the market as well. There is a dedicated section of the website for wholesale customers.

Wholesalers are businesses and individuals who intend to buy bullion in bulk, and then sell it to customers at a markup. The wholesale services offered by Silver Gold Bull make it easy for people to expand their precious metals businesses. There are competitive prices and a huge supply of different products to choose from.

There are many benefits for wholesalers who want to reach out to the wholesale services division of Silver Gold Bull. Some of the opportunities include:

  • Multiple different currencies for payment options.
  • Quick turnaround time with large amounts of inventory.
  • Inexpensive pricing to make it easier to sell at a markup.
  • White label shipping of items directly to customers for qualified dealers.
  • Privately minted bullion and coins from sovereign mints.
  • Discounts and incentives for buying in volume.
  • Ability to make purchases in multiple increments without any penalties.
  • Fast liquidation and buyback processes.
  • Collateral-backed financing options available.

Wholesalers can also earn money by becoming part of Silver Gold Bull's referral program. If you're approved for the program, you will qualify for a commission for every order somebody makes with your referral link. Applications for the program are available through Silver Gold Bull's website.

Is Silver Gold Bull Legitimate?

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull definitely appears to be a legitimate retailer. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating, and they have been accredited since 2012. Of the 30 reviews on the BBB website, there’s an average of 4.13 stars. Even more staggeringly, Shopper Approved shows more than 350,000 reviews of Silver Gold Bull, the vast majority of which have 5 stars.

There have been four complaints filed with the BBB over the last three years, one of which was during the last twelve months. Sometimes complaints help to get a sense of how a business operates.

Complaints aside, though, many customers seem to use this site to buy gold and silver. There are hundreds of thousands of clients all over the world. That alone makes this an encouraging place to turn. It’s just a matter of what exactly you want from your precious metals dealer, and whether Silver Gold Bull can make that happen.

Consumer Complaints

There was a complaint filed in October of 2023. The customer said that he had tried to buy gold bars over the phone, but was told they were out of stock. Then they asked about silver bars and was told the same. The representative told the customer that there were actually 48 gold bars in stock.

The customer ordered two bars and was told that a bank wire transfer would expedite the order. The wire transfer was sent the next day. An email confirmation showed that the order was being processed after receipt of funds. But then two weeks went by without any change in status.

The customer called to ask about the status and was told that there had been a mistake on Silver Gold Bull’s end. Because of the delay, it would be after the customer’s needed date when the gifts arrived. They were irate, particularly because the company had offered a coupon as a resolution. The customer had no interest in doing business with them again.

Silver Gold Bull responded to say that they wanted to talk about the issue in detail. The bar that the customer had ordered was actually on pre-order, which was why it didn’t ship for two weeks. They apologized for the miscommunication and pointed out that the pre-sale label was on the receipt and product listing.

They said that they would have been happy to swap the bar for a gift that wasn’t on pre-order. But the customer rejected that offer, as well as the offer of a coupon. A full refund was similarly rejected.

The customer responded to reject the request, saying that the phone representative should have been clearer about the timeline when they talked. But it does genuinely seem like Silver Gold Bull did everything they could to clear up the misunderstanding and offer a resolution that would work for the customer.

Two of the other complaints were easily resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. One customer even stated that they were perfectly happy with the resolution and very grateful to the company for going above and beyond. They said specifically that they no longer had any bad feeling and that they believed the situation had been handled as professionally as possible.

Silver Gold Bull’s customer service team does seem to have a strong focus on conflict resolution. For every complaint, they offered multiple solutions and immediately got in contact with the client. It’s surprising that there are only four complaints, considering the hundreds of thousands of clients. That indicates that the vast majority of issues are resolved long before they ever need to be made public through the BBB.

Pros & Cons of Silver Gold Bull


  • Great customer service, with hundreds of thousands of positive online reviews.
  • Huge number of products and services available.
  • Easy-to-use eCommerce platform with straightforward pricing models.


  • Not a lot of detail on the site about their IRA services.
  • Collectibles and jewelry might be overwhelming if you’re just looking for bullion.
  • Shipping is only free if you order $200 or more worth of product.

Final Thoughts

Silver Gold Bull is an incredibly impressive online retailer that sells many different types of precious metals. In addition to selling investment-grade bullion, they sell collectible coins and jewelry. There’s an entire section of the website for things that are on sale.

On top of the products themselves, there are a variety of services available. You can use their secure storage services, open a precious metals IRA, or even sell your own items to the company. There’s a separate service for high net worth individual, and another section for wholesalers.

The company website doesn’t have much information about the IRA process. There are other competitors that focus exclusively on IRAs, which might have a more streamlined and transparent approach. However, Silver Gold Bull is great for individuals who want to purchase basically any kind of precious metal for any occasion. They also have a variety of wholesale options open for business owners.

The customer service is also impressive. There are hundreds of thousands of online shoppers who have made purchases through Silver Gold Bull, hailing from all over the globe. And yet there are very few complaints. When there are occasional complaints, the company goes above and beyond to resolve them, typically contacting the customer immediately and offering at least two different solutions.

We do wholeheartedly recommend doing business with Silver Gold Bull if you need to buy gifts, jewelry, rare coins, or investment-grade bullion. Just keep in mind that they focus more on the retail side of things than the investment portfolio side. If you want a company that will consistently monitor and update you on your portfolio, you may want to look elsewhere.

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