Our Data Extractors

Meet our Data Extractors who dig for data in order to increase transparency across the globe. Check out their profiles here to find out what they do and why. Find out more about the PWYP Data Extractors programme.

Dominic Eagleton: PWYP UK/Global Witness
Edmond Kangamungazi: PWYP Zambia
Miles Litvinoff: PWYP UK
Meliana Lumbantoruan: PWYP Indonesia
Waseem Mardini: PWYP US
Jana Morgan: PWYP US
Camilo Nhancale: PWYP Mozambique
Quentin Parrinello: PWYP France
Mukasiri Sibanda: PWYP Zimbabwe/ZELA
Dewi Yuliandini: PWYP Indonesia
Marco Zaplan: PWYP Philippines