Business Plan 2016-2018

In the inaugural governance meeting of PWYP as a registered UK entity in April 2015 the PWYP Board and Global Council requested the Secretariat to develop a Business Plan covering the period 2016 through 2018, including a high level summary budget for the three years.

The purpose of this business plan is to help guide the work of the decentralised Secretariat. In addition it should be noted that some goals are somewhat aspirational and beyond the Secretariat’s control. Still we would like to include the targets as they will involve a part of the Secretariat’s time and resources. We have made it clear where this is the case. This Business Plan is accompanied by a detailed draft Operational Work Plan (available upon request) plus the Fundraising Policy and Guidelines and Plan.

  • Download the PWYP 2016-2018 Business Plan here
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