Vantage Gold IRA Review

Vantage Gold IRA Review

Vantage IRA is a company that specializes in promoting different investment choices available through their retirement accounts. Founded in June of 2004, the company has become one of the largest self-directed IRA administrators in the southwest United States.

Formerly known as Entrust Arizona, the company started as a traditional financial planning firm and expanded its services to include gold and other precious metals investing later on.

The Phoenix, Arizona-based company has become one of the country's leading providers of gold-backed retirement accounts. It has helped thousands of clients grow their wealth with precious metal investments.

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Vantage Gold IRA Review

Vantage IRA is a third-party administrator (TPA) partnered with First Trust Company of Onaga (FTCO).

The FTCO is a full-service trust company, established in 2002 and headquartered in Onaga, Kansas, that provides a broad range of services for individuals and businesses, including asset management, estate planning, retirement plans, financial planning, tax reporting, and business consulting.

The Vantage IRA team comprises experienced professionals who strive to provide their clients with the highest quality service and advice. They work with each investor one-on-one to ensure that their gold and precious metal investments are tailored to meet their individual needs.

The company offers investors access to an extensive array of gold and other precious metals products, ranging from coins, bullion bars, and rounds to real estate and promissory notes. With its wide selection of investment options, Vantage IRA can provide investors with the ideal vehicle for building wealth.

Vantage IRA provides clients with various educational resources to help them make informed investment decisions. These resources include investor guides, market reports, and commentaries that help investors keep abreast of the latest in the investment markets.

Vantage currently administers more than $2.5 billion in retirement assets and has managed to amass a client base of more than 6,500 since its inception. This proves the firm's commitment to helping its clients achieve their financial security goals.

Vantage IRA Management

Vantage Gold IRA Review

The founder and CEO of Vantage IRA Management is J.P. DahDah, a University of Arizona graduate with many degrees in finance and marketing. Since entering the financial sector in 1997, he has continuously been regarded as one of the leading experts in his field.

He started his career as a financial advisor for American Express Financial Advisors, a consistent Fortune 100 company. From there, he went on to work in various management positions at several leading financial institutions.

His extensive experience has given him a unique perspective on the complexities of financial planning and retirement investments. With his extensive background in financial services, DahDah is uniquely qualified to provide advanced guidance to clients looking to invest in an IRA.

Through the years, he has developed a comprehensive approach to financial planning that considers all aspects of retirement savings, from investment strategies to tax planning.

At Vantage IRA, DahDah focuses on providing his clients with personalized service and care. With years of experience, He has the expertise to ensure that his client's investments are optimized for maximum returns and he firmly believes that everyone should have access to retirement planning solutions that meet their individual needs.

After 26 years in the financial industry, Mr. Dahbah has truly made a mark. He's earned multiple awards throughout his career - most notably "Entrepreneur of the Year" from The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the coveted "Forty Under 40 Award".

In 2020, he was honored as one of 25 world-class leaders with an outstanding award: The Most Admired Leaders recognition.

Types of Investment Accounts at Vantage IRA

Vantage Gold IRA Review

Traditional IRAs

These enable those who contribute to them to save money on their taxes by deducting the contribution from their annual income.

The contributions are made on a pre-tax basis, and when withdrawals are taken, they are taxed as normal income. Furthermore, the account grows tax-deferred, so you don't pay taxes until you make withdrawals.

Additionally, annual contributions limits exist for Traditional IRAs, and those over the age of 50 may be eligible for catch-up contributions. With the proper planning for retirement savings and investment goals, a Traditional IRA can be part of an effective financial plan.

Roth IRAs

This is a retirement savings account that allows you to contribute after-tax money. This means that you do not get the upfront tax deduction when you contribute; instead, your contributions grow tax-free, and withdrawals in retirement are also tax-free.

The main benefits of a Roth IRA include tax-free growth on investments, no required minimum distributions (RMDs), and no additional taxes when taking out funds in retirement. On top of this, the funds can be withdrawn at any time for any reason without penalties or taxes assessed.

Also, there are annual contribution limits for Roth IRAs, and those over age 50 may also qualify for catch-up contributions.


These allow businesses to set up retirement accounts for their employees easily. Employers can contribute to their employees' accounts with matching contributions up to 3% of the employee's salary, and employees can make pre-tax contributions up to an annual limit.

This type of account has a few advantages over other retirement accounts, such as lower administrative costs, employer contribution limits that are higher than 401(k) plans, and catch-up provisions for those aged 50 or older.

However, withdrawal from a Simple IRA is subject to federal and state income tax. Early withdrawals before the age of 59 1/2 are also subject to a 10% penalty.


SEP IRAs (Simplified Employee Pensions) are a retirement plan option specifically designed for small business owners with fewer than 25 employees. It allows them to make tax-deductible contributions to their accounts, as well as those of their employees.

The main advantages of SEP IRAs include no employment taxes on the employer's contribution, larger contribution limits compared to other retirement plans, and employee participation without much administrative effort.

However, withdrawal from a SEP IRA is subject to federal and state income tax. Early withdrawals before the age of 59 1/2 are also subject to a 10% penalty.

Investment Options

Vantage Gold IRA Review

Vantage IRA offers investors a wide variety of options when it comes to investing their retirement savings. Investors can choose from the following:

Real Estate

This option allows investors to buy and sell real estate for their retirement accounts, such as residential properties, commercial properties, and land.

The IRA can buy real estate much like a regular investor would, and investors will have the same tax benefits within their IRA as they do outside of it.

Promissory Notes

This option allows investors to purchase and redeem promissory notes from other individuals or businesses. Promissory notes provide a secure and steady income stream, as the issuer of the note must pay back the amount that was lent with interest.

Private Entities

Investors may choose to invest in private entities such as limited partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. These investments offer greater risk but also the possibility of higher returns. The investor's IRA can benefit from the increased value when these private companies do well.

Checkbook IRA LLC

This is an IRA structure that allows investors to have more control and freedom over their retirement accounts. The Checkbook IRA LLC gives the investor direct access to invest without going through a custodian or third party.

Precious Metals

The company offers precious metals, gold, and silver as retirement investments.

Precious metals provide a hedge against inflation and can help protect investors' portfolios from market downturns. In addition, investing in gold and silver can be an effective way to diversify one's portfolio.

Custodial and Storage

Vantage IRA adheres to all the relevant federal guidelines regarding securely storing your precious metals. They take security seriously and offer the most secure storage and custodial services available in the industry.

Clients can rest assured that their metals are stored safely away and held securely by an independent third party so that they can continue to benefit from the value of their investments for years to come.

The company works with Delaware Depository Servicing Company to provide its clients with secure, off-site storage for their precious metals. This is one of the leading independent storage custodians in the industry and has a strong track record for secure storage and insured precious metals products.

How Vantage Gold IRA Works

Vantage Gold IRA Review

Vantage IRA provides customers with an opportunity to invest in physical gold. Interested clients can open a Vantage Gold IRA account by visiting their website and completing the online application form.

Once the application has been accepted, clients will be given access to their account and then need to arrange for funding of the account, which is done via bank wire transfers or cheque payments.

Once the funds have been transferred into the account, clients can purchase gold from Vantage's network of bullion suppliers and have them delivered directly to secure third-party custodians or private storage facilities.

The custodian will store the gold, conduct regular audits, and provide annual statements to customers showing details of any transactions, storage fees, or other charges. Customers can sell their gold at any time by instructing their custodian and will receive a cheque for the sale.

The company also offers services such as a "Gold IRA Rollover," where clients can transfer their existing IRA or 401(k) into a physical gold IRA. They also provide additional services, such as assistance with tax filings and advice on how to structure the gold IRA best to maximize returns.

Vantage IRA Fees and Pricing

Vantage IRA has no hidden fees, so you can rest assured that you'll know exactly what you're paying for upfront.

Annual account administration fees start at only $100, and the company charges an account set-up fee of $50 per account and a $100 annual recordkeeping fee.

The custodian fees are based on the metals held in each account. The Depository also charges a storage fee that depends on the amount of metals stored in each account, usually a minimum fee of $125.

Additionally, Vantage IRA charges a small transaction fee per purchase or sale of precious metals. These fees are based on the total value of each transaction, and most trades cost between $25 and $50. Also, you will be charged $50 for the termination of an account.

Vantage IRA Ratings & Complaints

Vantage Gold IRA Review

Vantage IRA currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This demonstrates that Vantage is committed to promptly and satisfactorily resolving customer complaints.

Regarding customer reviews, Vantage generally receives positive feedback from its customers. Common reasons cited include their friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, online convenience, and low fees.

Most complaints are related to the slow processing of deposits and poor customer service. To address these complaints, the company has made improvements to its internal processes and has taken steps to ensure that all customer service inquiries are answered quickly and accurately.

Pros & Cons of Vantage IRA


  • Low Fees: Vantage IRA charges some of the lowest fees in the industry, making them an attractive option for those looking to maximize the potential return on their investments.
  • Convenience: Vantage Gold IRAs are easy to open and manage, allowing investors to access their account information from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Flexible Investment Options: Vantage IRA provides a wide range of investment options, including private lending, real estate IRAs, private companies, and precious metals IRAs. This allows investors to diversify their portfolios and minimize risk.
  • Solid reputation: Vantage Gold is one of the most respected and trusted names in gold IRAs. The company has been around since 2004 and has consistently provided investors with excellent service and support.


  • Other miscellaneous fees are involved: Vantage IRAs come with an assortment of additional fees, including custodial charges and annual storage fees. Some of them are sliding scale based on your account size, meaning larger accounts will incur higher fees.
  • Limited customer service hours: While Vantage IRA offers a customer service system, the hours are limited. If you have a question outside those hours, you may have to wait until the next day for an answer.


Vantage IRA is an excellent option for those searching for a dependable and secure way to invest in precious metals. With their low fees, secure storage, and easy-to-use website tools, they can provide you with the peace of mind that your investments are protected.

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