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Mali is Africa’s third largest gold mining country, but it also mines phosphate and kaolin, while deposits of oil, bauxite, iron ore, manganese, lithium and uranium are suspected. Gold accounted for more than 80% of Mali’s export earnings in 2011 and contributed 8% to the GDP.

Sources: EITI, US State Gov

EITI status: Compliant
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About the campaign

PWYP-Mali was launched in April 2008. The coalition has focussed on various issues, including the country’s implementation of EITI. To that end it has carried out analyses of the Mali country reports. PWYP Mali has also worked on capacity building, particularly on contract related issues and led advocacy for contract transparency. In June 2012, the coalition became a partner in the Capacity for Research and Advocacy for Fair Taxation programme (CRAFT) launched by Oxfam Novib and Tax Justice Africa. To this end PWYP Mali has explored the issue of how the country can more effectively collect the revenues generated by extraction.

Recent activities

18 - 22 January 2022 - PWYP Mali went on mission to Senegal, where the coalition met with its counterparts in civil society and government representatives as part of the CRAFT programme in order to exchange on lessons learned regarding domestic resource mobilisation. You can read their press release (in French only) here.

2 January 2022 – EITI Mali Steering Committee publish their report of activities for 2013 and validate the EITI report for 2011. The report includes discussion of the EITI process for 2014 including the possible adoption of an EITI law in Mali. 

July 2013 - PWYP Mali published a study on the difficulties of mobilising and using the local and regional development tax in the communes III and IV in the district of Bamako.

December 2012 - PWYP Mali publishes this study (in French only) of the social and economic impact of mining exploitation on women living on mining and oil sites - in this case in the zones of Kayes and Sikasso.



Coalition members

Coalition des Alternatives, Dettes et Développement (CAD-Mali)
Fondation pour le Développement au Sahel (FDS)
Association des Consommateurs du Mali (ASCOMA)
Coordination des Associations et ONG Féminines (CAFO)
News Mining
Réseau Maliens des Journalistes pour la Lutte contre la Corruption et Pauvreté (RJMLDP)
Association Malienne des Droits de l’Homme (AMDH)
Réseau pour le Développement Local et l’Autopromotion de la Femme
Réseau des Journalistes pour l’Annulation de la Dette (RJAD)
Clinique Juridique DEMESO
Bureau d’Expertise de Management et Concertation (BEMAC)

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