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What have you got to hide?

A slightly blurred image of a group of people, some appear to be chanting. At the front a few people hold a banner that says 'What have you go to hide' and the logos of Shell and BP are visible. Many people in the crowd are holding bits of paper that say 'We Agree'

A miner in Alamit, the Philippines

A miner wearing jeans, a hi-vis jacket and a hard hat lays a pipe on a stack at a muddy mining site. In the background there are lush mountains and a cloud.

Transparency is not Monkey Business

Three men dressed as monkeys in business-suits stand in a barrel with the Oxfam America logo that says

Filming the work of our coalition in the Philippines

A man and a woman talk in front of a poster of a map of Northern Luzon, they are in an office that looks like a classroom. The back of two people filming them is showing, one is holding a camera while one is holding a boom.