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Activists stage a stunt outside the SEC

Three people dressed up in nightgowns and wearing black eye masks stand in a fake bed with pillows. On the front of the bed there are two stickers - one is a big heart that says 'Let's keep our love affair a secret' and the other is the Oxfam America logo. Two have signs around their neck that say Exxon Mobil and Chevron and the person in the middle has a sign with the SEC logo

PWYP activist sends her message to the European Parliament

A young woman from Lesotho holds up a whiteboard with a PWYP logo that says

Filming the work of our coalition in the Philippines

A man and a woman talk in front of a poster of a map of Northern Luzon, they are in an office that looks like a classroom. The back of two people filming them is showing, one is holding a camera while one is holding a boom.

All the PWYP members at the PWYP 10th year anniversary conference

A group of about 150 people waving and cheering