Resource-rich but poor

Here, you see the extent to which the world’s poorest countries (according to the Human Development Index) depend on natural resources. It is crucial that these resources be better managed in order for the lives of millions of citizens to improve. The data comes from the Observatory of Economic Complexity.


What Niger exports (as % of total)

  • 36 Radioactive chemicals
  • 22 Refined petroleum
  • 19 Uranium and Thorium Ore
  • 3 Used clothing
  • 20 Other
Democratic Republic of Congo

What the DRC exports (as % of total)

  • 40Refined copper
  • 16Raw copper
  • 14Crude petroleum
  • 13Cobalt
  • 17Other

What Chad exports (as % of total)

  • 64Crude petroleum
  • 14Raw cotton
  • 8Insect resin
  • 7Refined petroleum
  • 7Other